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Sep 16, 2012 9:00am EDT
was notnt says it authorized? statementhe only out of this administration. the u.s. embassy released it and behalf of the governmen the initiation said nothing. it was entirely ndicated. formery, you are a officer. what do you think? >> protetection of the embassy s ofimately the responsibility the host government. thatat is e established in realy and treaty. having seen the egyptiaian embay how theyimes, i wonder have scale wallsls. we have many security people there as well as soldiers. >> there are no marines in libya. consulate.he are in tripoli. th timline of what they do is another matter. if the state chip --he was issued by romney before criticizing t the actions , but for they .dministration took place there was just no time. >> "ththe wall street journal" the parons of the press s corps were also attende. feeling they are by this debate. how about it was romney damage? he was damaged in part becausthe waway they characterized the first message from the embassy. ththe administration and others treated differerently. mbassy issued that in hopes avoiding a protest. in alerting
Sep 16, 2012 6:00pm PDT
it it was disgraceful the obama 's administration what -- not was to condemn attacks but sympathize with those who made the attacks. they quoted the obama administration saying the statement was not cleared by washington and does not reflect the views of the united states government. jack tapper recorded the same statement on abc news. they said romney's political faux pas was to hurt the pundit class without thinking seriously about the problems for american in the world. do you believe that? >> no. this is all more rum -- war room bluster. you have to attack. something happens and you attack right away. it's mindless. i do not think it will stick. >> earlier in the week, you said you would have told him to go and help. any second thoughts? >> no second thoughts. i believe the time when you gave completely vindicates what romney did. you said the statement was issued in the afternoon. they were silent about it. now with the drop, nothing, until romney said it was a disgrace, which it was. then all of a sudden the state department said it was not authorized. that was the only statement coming out of th
Sep 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
is astonishing." the american embassyf killed, riotster ambassador killed, rides and a tunisian -- of the s the collap the middleolicy on east. making a serious speech connecting the dots result about that, the nie approach to tyrants and region, he does one drive by was accurate, but it one, and then he gives the clintonon global reforming about aid, for godod's sake. opportunityge missed. his une problem is to go large and tackle the big issues, which if did, he could win. t he seems reluctant tdo it. >> nina? >> i will not take controls on merits of all the arguments, that a majorree -- i don'ty speech have to change but he would make him like a more serious person some ways. 47%i really think that was legal. now, he has not lost, and barack not great campaiaigner, mitt has been practing and he is a go campaigner- debater. because the 47% video was genuine, becausit was talking and not knowing he taped, and it played into stereotype that barack saw to paintnt about enormousas had an effe. >> evan? >> to be a bad politician should necessary -- should not hurt you at that people hate polit
Sep 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
old party makes itfficial. >> joined mitt romney and me. let's s give this effort everything we have. >> a look at the supporting cast. >> this man ll not let us down. >> tonight, i saenough. hope and change has become divide and conquer. >> when somebody does not do their job, w've got to let them go. >> where does this party go from here? >> over the long haul republicans need to be more respecectful of voters they are trying t to attract >> the 2012 republican national convention in tampa serve up no surprises except perhaps for clint etwoo's rambling performance in the key 10:00 hour thursday night but conventions rarely do surprises anymore. this was mittt romney's major opportunity to sell themselves to the american people. >> in america, we we do not apopologize for success. what america needs is jobs -- lots of jobs. you knowhere is something wrong with the kind of job he has done as president withh whe best feeling you hadas the day you voted for him. >> ok, you were in tampa. did mitt romney make the sale? >> i think he did a good job in introducing themselves to the ameran
Sep 23, 2012 9:00am EDT
is not t the person the rightics need to have now carrng the s standard. what he said was wrongng in so ny aspects. >> a lot of republicans are grumbling about this campaign. >> when your running mate call as you inarticulate as a way to haveyou, then you know you problems. i am glad you are all representehere. mitt romney is mixing up a bunch of ideas. the 47% who do not pay income tax which is a result of reagan, bush, and it bush jr. tax policies. you end up with a situation where half the population has no stake in income tax rate. it is a huge issue but not the way you want to talk about it. there is this culture of obamacy which the administration iincreasing in working the welfare to requirements. that is an issue. this way, he has an argument he has to work s way out aper bagirst. >> a couple of polls this week. nbc wall streejournal poll. foreign policy. what do these numbers tell you? >> there is a 19% one where obama will help the middle class re than mitt romney. that is a huge gapxacerbated by t 47% mitt romney can get the conversation back to the and maybe can be more specifi
Sep 9, 2012 9:00am EDT
? >> would you o offer s similar mments about ann romney's -- >> it was a different speech by different woman. >> did andhe ao talked about her husband, feelings empathy -- >> you say and -- >> the obamassakes, they did nothing right. i ampared to accept that from you charles. therere's nothing they could that would make you happy. maybe they should just die -- >> break it up, roger. >> sasha and malia are fine human beings. seriously, i think that michelle obama did a fine speech, ann romney did, too. but i thought michelle obama brought ito a new level when she said that the presidency does not change who you are it reveals who you are. th was her point. look at how the president h acted the last four years. look at how mitt romney has behaved as a candidate. is he telling us about his past? is he telling us aut h tax returns? is he telling us about the swiss bank accounts? >> she did not say that. >> no, but t implicati might have been there. >> i don't aept the sexist assumption that i'm m required to have the same reactiono any woman any spouse giving a speech. second, i think the ann
Sep 30, 2012 12:30pm PDT
the sacking at the u.s. embassy, the killing of the ambassador. the administration did not on that story to coexist with their theme and how great an anti terror policy obama had. they deceived the country, sending susan rice out on the sunday shows and attending that this was the outcrop -- outgrowth of a demonstration. everybody over the age of nine could see that it was premeditated. that is why it was ppressed until it could no longer be suppressed. >> i am not aware of the conspiracy that charles has his own strange and wonderful sources -- >> how do you explain her -- >> i am going to try to explain my moderator's question about this. the problems were pulle -- the problem republicans have is that mitt romney has never c cracked the threshold of being a possible commander in chief. it does punish the obama record, and there's no question that osama bin laden took the wind out of the cells of the republican candidates. it was an enormous credential for obama. but because romney chose paul ryan, he in no way filled out the emptiness of his own resume in foreign policy. for that reaso
Sep 23, 2012 6:00pm PDT
would drive voters to mitt romney no matter what flaw s he had as a candidate. they are not deserting barack obama. the bad economy is not hurting barack obama to the extent that mitt romney needs. >> what is hurting mitt romney is the campaign, a tactical mistake. obama was attacking mitt romney for the empathy thing. that is a devastating number. the strategic problem is he is the best thing romney did was to pick ryan. he has to go big bang bang he has to talk not about running on the economy. he has to run on the idea of government intrusiveness spent day that is how the republicans won the election in 2010. that is not the argument he is making. >> his problem is one of trust. a report published that asked the question who you would buy a used car from. rick santorum or mitt romney. rick santorum won big. with women, even a greater margin. mitt romney this problem is he talks out of both sides of his mouth. >> what came up today was the question of the redistribution of income. >> i actually believe in redistribution at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody has a s
Sep 14, 2012 8:30pm EDT
signals to those attacked our embassy. egypt and to the world. >> "the wall street journal" says the u.s. is perceived as a declining power. as the perception spreads, the world's bad actors are asserting themselves to fill a vacuum and american interests will become targets unless the trend is reversed. those moms in the middle east and a declining power. colby, do you agree? >> they were responding to what they saw as an insult to the prophet mohammad. you have people exploiting the situation. perhaps this happened in libya, but they've were bent on doing exactly what they did. >> was this plan that? -- was this planned? >>there is some evidence that it was planned. >> but it's no 9/11. >> we have to get all the facts right. this has been really confusing. we did not know if the ambassador was actually killed. the first report it was outside in a car bomb. then you hear it was inside the consulate. do not just shoot from the hip because you feel a certain way in your gut. >> there is a danger to global reaction. -- over-reaction. there was an interesting column in "the washington post"
Sep 28, 2012 8:30pm EDT
the al qaeda affiliate sacking the u.s. embassy, killing an ambassador. the administration did not want that story to coexist with their theme of how great an anti- terror policy obama had. they deceived the country, sending the susan rice on the sunday shows pretending that this was the outgrowth of a demonstration, when everybody over the age of nine could see that it was premeditated. that is why the story was suppressed until it could no longer be suppressed. >> i am not aware of the conspiracy, but charles has his own strange and wonderful sources -- >> how do you explain her -- >> i am going to try to answer my moderator's question about this. the problem the republicans have is that mitt romney has never cracked the threshold of being a possible commander in chief. i think it does tarnish the obama record. i think there's no question that the murder of osama bin laden took the wind out of the sales of the republican candidates. three of them decided in the wake of that not to run for 2012 because they thought he was unbeatable. it was an enormous credential for obama. but because
Sep 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
carolina. you have governors and a few young senators, all in their 40's, representing the future of the party, although ideologically, they are more conservative. they are more reagan-ite, so you have historically a return but a new generation emerging. in which romney in many ways is the anomaly. >> the republican party today is 89% white. they are increasingly white in a nation that is decreasing the white. they elect short when ronald reagan was elected with 86% white. 74% white when john mccann lost and it may be 72% white in 2012. the parti's inability to reach with any message to latinos is a serious problem for the republican party going forward. >> charles says marc poser response to that is the classic liberal response in which he breaks the party down into ethnic personages -- mark's response. at the beginning of the broadcast, recall we prayed a -- played a brief clip of jeb bush who said republicans need to be more respective of voters they are trying to attract. do you think that means more respectful of hispanics? >> i do not see a way to avoid that conclusion. what
Sep 9, 2012 3:00pm PDT
of his record, his s ree great legislative attempts -- obamacare, stimulus, cap-and-trade -- no mention whatsoever in his speech. he cannot speak about the past, he cannot speak about his own agenda, which liberals like but the country doesn't, and any part about the future, he pulled the numbers out of at. 600,000 new people working on natural gas, 2 million people on a retraining. these are numbers invented. he did n n explain once. he is the party of government. he did not say once what programs, what policies, what he would do to actually achieve these numbers. i found it astonishingly lazy and incomplete. >> did he tell us how the next four years are going to be different? >> o december -- in some important respects, he did. he said th talked about men -- care and said that republicans would turn -- he talked about medicare and said that republicans would turn it into a vouchercare. charles accurately pinpoints the empathygap. the problem for romney is that there is no huge romney movement in this country. there is a sizable anti-obama movement in the country, and when obama cut in
Sep 7, 2012 8:30pm EDT
about the record, but it was not a state of the union address. s thees accurately pinpoint empathy gap. problem for romney is that there's no huge romney movement in the country. there is a sizable anti-obama movement, and when obama cuts into that feeling, it boosts him and sinks romney. >> i thought one of clinton's lines really hit home. the amount of hate that the r barackans have fou obama is just astounding. it is not just political differences, it is really visceral 8. and you hear it week after week, day after day, moment after moment from the fox crowd. >> that is complete rubbish. i have not heard one republican use the language that the leader of the california delegation used in describing paul ryan as goebbels of our time. he had to excuse himself and returned home after that because of a previously scheduled root canal. >> if you are saying you have not heard a visceral hatred expressed for barack obama, maybe i will stop the show -- >> let's not, just to be nice to me. the first lady wins rave reviews, but not from everyone. >> when you work hard and have done well and w
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)